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Assistive Devices

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About Us

Kerala has not seen vast improvements in the area of life style improvements of the kids with special needs. With the enhancement of technology, more and more sophisticated devices are in production to make the life easier for these children. NIARC primary objective with this online portal is to launch a platform where people can make contributions in bringing these devices available for the most needy ones.

This is a conceptual portal for charity and related services which is primarily focused on gifting assistive devices to the kids with special needs that ensures a better quality of life for them. You can donate to us for the devices, and the same will be purchased and given to the needy ones. Apart from these devices, people can donate any other other useful items which are listed in the website.

We also encourage the users to make small items by themselves and can gift it to us directly. This can be anything from a kerchief to a toy or even a teddy bear.

Ultimately, it say's "Those who are the happiest are those who do the most for others"- Booker T Washington

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